Get your WMOC 2018 trainingmaps from FIF.

We offer 4 different maps, all relevant for your WMOC 2018 training.

The maps are updated in 2017 and will not contain any courses or controls. 

The maps are delivered by e-mail in PDF format, and will be marked with the name you provide when you order and pay for the maps.

The use of the maps are restricted to the person the map are issued to (the map will be marked with the name). You only entitled to print the map, you are not entitled to copy, replicate og share the map.

We provide these maps at the total price of DKK 200,-

A: Gribskov Nødebo, A3, 1:10.000
B: Store Dyrehave, A3, 1:10.000
C: Stenholt Vang, A3, 1:7.500

D: Gribskov Mårum & Søskoven (2017), A3, 1:15.000
(This is the old maps covering the embargoed area, do not use this for your WMOC 2018 training)