May 26, 2018 – Danish Championships Sprint (Bulletin 2)

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FIF Hillerød Orientering (
Contact and information Lars Konradsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
+45 40 28 45 17 /
Event and classification Danish Championships Sprint (WRE). Classification A*****


Date Saturday 26th May 2018, the Event Arena opens at 2.30 pm
Venue Hillerød Town Centre
Location Parking at the junction of Holmegårdsvej and Rendelæggerbakken, 3400 Hillerød
GPS: 55.943709, 12.310052

From here, follow the marked route to the Event Arena.
Please note: Competitors must use the above-mentioned parking area to avoid passing through the competition area. Arrival by car must take place either from the northeast by Fredensborgvej or from South / southeast by Københavnsvej-Holmegårdsvej.

The train station, Slotspavillonen is situated next to the parking area.


Parking -> Event Arena max. 2.000m (follow signs and blue/white tape)
Event Arena -> Start 1: Up to 2.300m
Event Arena -> Start 2: Up to 2.300m
Event Arena -> Start 3: Up to 1.500m

  • Follow signs and green tape to the starts
  • The finish and the Event Centre are at the Event Arena
  • NOTE: The quarantine area is at Start 1. For the elite runners, you can turn off on the way from the parking to the venue and go straight to start 1, thereby reducing the total distance.
  • Other courses can, in principle, do the same for start 2 and 3, but we encourage you to come to the competition first. Partly, to experience the elite competition, and partly to avoid a large amount of clothing transport.
Quarantine NOTE! Runners in classes M20, W20, M21 and W21 must be in the quarantine area before 15.30.

The quarantine area is situated close to Start 1.

Personal belongings and clothes will be transported to the finish area.

We follow the IOF’s rules for quarantine zones: If a runner arrives at the quarantine area later than 15.30, start can be refused. The decision will be made by the IOF Event Adviser. Telecommunication equipment (e.g. mobile phones) are not allowed in the quarantine area.

Terrain Urban area with grass areas, parking areas and parks.

The area is fairly flat with only small height variations.

Map Hillerød City, Scale 1:4.000, 2.5m contour interval.

The map is from 2018, drawn according to ISSOM 2007, and has received the quality stamp of DOF. Meridians are omitted from the map to enhance the readability.

Special symbols: 

Furthermore, the following symbols should be noted:

Maps will be offset printed.

There is no warm-up map.

Mandatory road crossings, areas out of bounds (rules) Hillerød is an active town and on major/minor roads and walking paths you will encounter motorized traffic, bikes and pedestrians – take great care and keep an eye on the traffic.

It is the responsibility of the runner to respect the Danish traffic rules!

Areas that are out of bounds are marked on the map in accordance with the IOF sprint norm with olive green colour. Additional out of bounds areas are marked with purple colour. These include the following which are shown by example on the underneath mentioned map:

  • Roads that you may not cross are marked with shading on the map.
  • Restauration and building areas are out of bounds and marked with shading.
  • Entrances or passages, which are out of bounds are marked with a crossing line.
  • Mandatory crossings are marked on both map and control descriptions and must be used.

In areas where we have judged, that the runner could be in doubt, we have marked the areas in the terrain with red/white tapes.

Some courses have a mandatory crossing, which is placed straight after a control. Instructions from on-site officials SHALL be followed.

Shoes with spikes are not allowed.

Control descriptions Loose control descriptions will be provided at the starts for those with an appropriate holder. Control descriptions are also printed on the front of the map. See the length of the loose control descriptions in the class list below.
Classes Course lengths are in accordance with § of the Rules and Regulations of DOF 2017. The length is measured as the fastest route choice.

W21 and M21 are WRE classes.

The Danish Orienteering Federation will seed the start lists of the classes W20, M20, W21, and M21.

(D=Women, H=Men)

Class Difficulty Winning time Start Controls/km Note
Begynder Green-Beginner 12-15 3 21/1,9 Shadowing allowed
D10 Green-Beginner 12-15 3 21/1,9 Not DM
D12 White-Easy 12-15 3 23/2,6
D14 Yellow–Medium 12-15 3 19/2,9
D16 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 22/3,2
D20 Black-Difficult 12-15 1 23/3,4
W21 Black-Difficult 12-15 1 25/3,7 WRE
D35 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 18/2,8
D40 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 18/2,8
D45 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 16/2,5
D50 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 16/2,5
D55 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 14/2,3
D60 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 12/2,0
D65 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 12/2,0
D70 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 12/1,9
D75 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4
D80 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4
D85 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4
H/D90 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4
H10 Green-Beginner 12-15 3 21/1,9 Not DM
H12 White-Easy 12-15 3 23/2,6
H14 Yellow–Medium 12-15 3 19/2,9
H16 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 23/3,5
H20 Black-Difficult 12-15 1 25/3,8
M21 Black-Difficult 12-15 1 24/4,0 WRE
H35 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 23/3,5
H40 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 22/3,2
H45 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 17/2,9
H50 Black-Difficult 12-15 2 17/2,9
H55 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 18/2,8
H60 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 16/2,5
H65 Black-Difficult 12-15 3 14/2,3
H70 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 12/1,9
H75 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 12/1,9
H80 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4
H85 Blue-Difficult 12-15 3 10/1,4

The following courses are offered for Open Entry. You can enter a course at the Event Arena from 16:15 to 16.45 on May 26th 2018.

Class Difficulty Winning time Start Controls/km Note
Åben1 Black-Difficult 15 3 19/3,3
Åben2 Yellow–Medium 15 3 19/2,9
Åben3 White-Easy 15 3 23/2,6

1) An additional fee of DKK 10,- will be added to the entry fee when purchased on the day. Please be aware that only a limited number of entries will be available on the day of the event.

Prizes Only runners who are members of a Danish club under the Danish Orienteering Federation and are 1) Danish citizens or 2) have a Danish personal number (cpr-nummer) on the day of competition can receive prizes in this Danish Championship.

The prize-giving ceremony is expected at 18.30

Punching system The competition will use SportIdent.
Runners using their own SI-card must provide the SI-card number at the time of entry.
A rental SI-card will be provided at an additional fee of DKK 15 for runners without their own SI-card.Rental SI-cards will be handed out at the start and must be returned at the finish.
Event bibs Event bibs are worn by all runners (except classes D/H10 and Beginners).

Bibs will be available at the start.

Start Individual start. 1-minute start interval.

For the elite courses (M/W21 og H/D20) the first start is 15.30.

For other courses the first start is 16.45.

Beginners and D/H10 can start between 16.45 – 17.15.
Open Entry courses can start between 16.45 – 17.15.

Clothing transport From all three starts there is transport of clothing to the event arena.
Start procedure Call up 4 min before your start time:

Box 1: Call up and identification of runner and SI-card (hired SI-cards will be handed out here).

Box 2: Control descriptions and example of the competition map.

Box 3: Example of the competition map. Participants on courses green/beginner and white/light are given the map and are offered starting help.

Box 4: The map is released at the time of start.

Late starters should report to the start personnel and follow their instructions.

Foreign runners in W/M21 will be placed in the start list according to their position in the WRE-ranking. Foreign runners in other classes will be placed at the front of the start list in their respective classes.

Event Arena The event venue has now been made public in the media: The event venue is at Posen, Fisketorvet, 3400 Hillerød, GPS: 55.931711, 12.300037

Map release Maps are collected at the finish and handed out by club, when the last runner has started.
Max time Max time is 50 min.
Children's course Not available
Services Toilets at the Event Arena.
Well-stocked food outlet.Showers and changing facilities are available at Frederiksborg Centret – FIF Hillerød Football (GPS: 55.920161, 12.304173)
No childcare is provided.
Accommodation Have a look at this page.
Entry dates and fees Check out details and prices on the entry page.
Visa Check out the rules for visas here.
Event Director Lars Konradsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Course Planners Mads K. Larsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Ulrik Staugaard, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Event Controller and  IOF Event Adviser Finn Blom Christensen, Lyngby OK
Course Controller Erik Sørensen, Allerød OK
Jury formand Finn Blom Christensen, Lyngby OK
Jury medlemmer Ulrika Örnhagen Jørgensen, OK Snab
Peter Reibert Hansen, Allerød OK
Claus Bobach, Aalborg Orienteringsklub

The jury can be contacted at the Registration/Enquiry tent at the Event Arena.

Cartography Mads K. Larsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering

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