Version 1.00 27-05-2019


Event Name and Classification

Danish Relay Championship (DM Stafet)
Danish Classification: Level A-event *****
The event is open for participation of foreign runners


14.09.2019 – Event center opens at 10:30

Event area

Grib Skov Mårum


Follow the markings from the cross roads below:

Hillerødvejen (vej 6) / Nødebovej (vej 227) 55.957877, 12.334865

Ny Mårumvej (vej 251) / Tinghusevej (vej 205) 56.028137, 12.280321

Frederiksværksvej (vej 205) / Gillelejevej (vej 227) 56.039177, 12.345592

Parking and Event Center are at the same place.


Grib Skov Mårum 1:7.500 and 1:10.000 New map from 2019, contour interval 2,5 m.

The map is printed and sealed in a plastic bag.
The map will be checked by a mapping advisor and is expected to meet the quality assurance standard.  
The map is drawn according to the ISOM 2017 standard on the basis of material from COWI and existing maps.

Terrain Description Race Area

The terrain consists predominantly of mixed open deciduous forest with lots of pine forest. Runnability is good and there is an extensive trail system.


The course lengths will be in accordance with the guidelines of The Danish Orienteering Federation, following DOF’s regulation of 2019 §



Winning time

D/H max. 43
(Oldest < 20 år)

Leg 1 Yellow Medium

25 min.

Leg 2 White Easy

20 min. – No forking

Leg 3 Yellow Medium

25 min.


Leg 1 White Easy

20 min.

Leg 2 Green Beginner

20 min. – No forking

Leg 3 White Easy

20 min.


Leg 1 Black Difficult

30 min.

Leg 2 Yellow Medium

25 min. – No forking

Leg 3 Black Difficult

30 min.


Black Difficult

3×30-40 min.
I alt 90-105 min.

Same course as D21/H21


Black Difficult

3×30-40 min.
I alt 90-105 min.

Same course as D20/H20


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.
65 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Black Difficult

3×35 min.


Blue Difficult

2×30 min.


Blue Difficult

2×35 min.


Blue Difficult

2×35 min.

(at least one woman)

Blue Difficult

3×30 min.

Åben klasse/Open Class

Leg 1 Black Difficult

45 min.

Leg 2 Yellow Medium

25 min. – Ugaflet

Leg 3 Blue Difficult

35 min.

D = Woman, H = Men

The course lengths and number of controls will be published in Bulletin 2. Where possible, we will allow more classes to run the same courses and start the classes simultaneously to get more intensity into the relay.


No. 1 in classes D21 and H21 receives the Danish Sports Federation’s (DIF) championship medal. No. 2 and 3 in the D21 and H21 receive Danish Orienteering Federation (DOF) championship medal in silver and bronze respectively.
No. 1, 2 and 3 in other championship classes receive DOF’s championship medal in gold, silver and bronze respectively.

Medals are awarded to participants who have completed, regardless of the number of registered participants in the individual classes.
Medals are only awarded to persons who, on the day of the event, are members of a club under the union and who are a Danish citizen or on the day of registration are registered with the population register in Denmark.

There will be no prizes for the open classes.

Open Courses

Open courses, for entry on the day, are available at the venue area between the hours 11:00 – 13:45

Start for the Open Entry courses will be (put-and-run) and must take place between the hours 14:00 – 15:00

The following courses are offered:




Åben 1/Open 1

Black Difficult

6,0 – 7,0 km

Åben 2/Open 2

Black Difficult

5,0 – 5,5 km

Åben 3/Open 3

Blue Difficult

Approx. 3,5 km

Åben 4/Open 4


Approx. 4,0 km

Åben 5/Open 5


Approx. 3,5 km

Åben 6/Open 6


Approx. 3,0 km

Pre-entry fee for Open Courses:

Junior -20

DKK 100,00

Senior 21

DKK 125,00

SI-card hire

DKK 20,00

An additional fee of DKK 10,- is payable for Entry-on-the-Day.

Punching System

The competitions will use SportIdent.

Runners using own SI-card must provide the card number at time of entry.
A rental SI-card will be provided at an additional fee DKK 20,- for runners without own SI-card.

Rental SI-card not returned after the race will be charged with DKK 500,00


First relay start is at 13:30. Start time for each of the classes will be published in Bulletin 2. Start from the venue area. 

Start for the Open Entry courses will be (put-and-run) and must take place between the hours 14:00 – 15:00 and will be from the venue area.


Parking to venue area: 0-300 m
Bus Parking possible with pre-registration to john.sondergard@gmail.com
Finish is at the venue area

Children’s Course

There is a taped children’s course, free of charge, for younger children.
Available at the venue area between the hours 12:30 – 15:00.
All children completing the course will get a small prize.


There are toilets in the venue area.

The event offers a well-stocked kiosk.

There is no mobile signal coverage at the event center, so it is not possible to use mobile phones.

Child care is not offered.

Shower and changing facilities are provided in Frederiksborg Centeret, Milnersvej 39, 3400 Hillerød.


There is an assortment of accommodation options in the area; from hotels, hostels to cabins. FIF Hillerød cannot offer accommodation, but please visit www.visitnorthsealand.com, and http://hillerodhostel.dk/en/ However, should you require any help, please contact john.sondergard@gmail.com


Club entries should preferably be through ’O-Service’ via the nominated Club Administrator, no later than Sunday 1. September 2019.  
For competitors without access to ’O-Service’, please enter by email to the event organiser Henrik Poulsen, hp@grundtvigsvej.dk  (+45 4076 9097)

Late Entries

Can be made up to 96 hours before the start of the event. The late entry fee is 2 x the entry fee starting fee for each late entry registration.

The increased late entry fee will be charged by up to 5 participants in the case of a club’s total registration.

Late entries please enter by email to Henrik Poulsen, hp@grundtvigsvej.dk

Team composition

FIF Hillerød Orienteering must have received notification at latest 48 hours before the first start per e-mail about the team’s composition with the names of the runners, SI card numbers and start order. E-mail to the event organiser, Henrik Poulsen, hp@grundtvigsvej.dk

Team composition, SI card numbers and start order can be changed until 11:30 on the race day for a fee of DKK 100,- each.
SI card numbers to follow the runners if changes in start orders.

Entry Fees

Junior D/H20

DKK 120,00 (360,-/team)

D65, H70 and H75

DKK 150,00 (300,-/team)

Other classes

DKK 150,00 (450,-/team)

SI-card hire

DKK 20,00

Entry fees payable to FIF Hillerød’s bank account at Spar Nord Bank
Account Number: 9213 4560075893.

IBAN: DK0992134560075893

Final Details and Start Lists

Available at www.fiforientering.dk/dm2019 by Wednesday 11th September 2019.

Event Organiser

John Søndergård, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Hjortespringet 1, 3400 Hillerød
+45 4188 9504 / john.sondergard@gmail.com


Lars Simonsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering


Event Controller
Bo Konring, Søllerød OK

Planner Controller
Gert Nielsen, Allerød OK


Head of Jury, Bo Konring, Søllerød OK
Other jury members are appointed when the registrations are available.

Map drawer

Bo Simonsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering

DOF sponsors

FIF sponsors