Version 1.01 12-09-2019


Event Name and Classification

Danish Relay Championship (DM Stafet)

Danish Classification: Level A-event *****
The event is open for participation of foreign runners


14.09.2019 – Event Center opens at 10:30

Event area

Gribskov Mårum

Location/meeting point

Follow the markings from the crossroads below:

Hillerødvejen (road 6) / Nødebovej (road 227) 55.957877, 12.334865

Ny Mårumvej (road 251) / Tinghusevej (road 205) 56.028137, 12.280321

Frederiksværksvej (road 205) / Gillelejevej (road 227) 56.039177, 12.345592

Parking and Event Center are at the same place.


Parking at the Event Centre. Please follow the signs and instructions from the parking personnel. Parking is not allowed in the small car parks north and south of the Event Centre along Gillelejevejen. Bus Parking possible with pre-registration to john.sondergard@gmail.com

Map with location of the Event area


Parking to venue area 0-300m

Bus Parking possible with pre-registration to john.sondergard@gmail.com

Start and Finish is at the venue area

Bath and dressing

In Frederiksborg Centeret, Milnersvej 39, 3400 Hillerød.


There are toilets in the venue area

The event offers a well-stocked kiosk

It is not possible to use mobile phones and Mobilepay at the venue area due to no mobile coverage/signal. Please remember cash.

It is not possible to use mobile phones and MobilePay at the venue area due to no mobile coverage/signal.
Please remember cash!

Child care is not offered.

Children’s Course

There is a taped children’s sprint course, free of charge, for younger children. Available at the venue area between the hours 12:30 – 15:00. All children completing the course will get a small prize.

Event office

At the venue area from 10:30 Club bags with bib numbers and rental SI-cards are collected at the event office.

Team composition

FIF Hillerød Orienteering must have received notification at latest 48 hours before the first start per e-mail about the team’s composition with the names of the runners, SI card numbers and start order. E-mail to hp@grundtvigsvej.dk 

Team composition, SI card numbers and start order can be changed until 11:30 on the race day for a fee of DKK 100,- for a team and for each change a team are making.  SI card numbers to follow the runners if changes in start orders.

Venue area


The course lengths will be in accordance with the guidelines of The Danish Orienteering Federation, following DOF’s regulation of 2019 §

Open Free entry Courses

Open courses, for entry on the day, are available for sale at the venue area between the hours 11:00 – 13:45

Start for the Open Entry courses will be (put-and-run) and must take place between the hours 14:00 – 15:00. All Open courses are started as Put & Run between 14:00 and 15:00 from the venue area.

Pre-entry fee for Open Courses: 

Junior, -20, DKK 100,-

Senior, 21, DKK 125,-

SI-card hire, DKK   20,-

An additional fee of DKK 10,- is payable for Entry-on-the-Day.

The following courses are offered:

Punching System

The competitions will use SportIdent.

Runners using own SI-card must provide the card number at time of entry. Other runners must rent a SI-card, which is handed out in the club bags and is returned after finish.

A rental SI-card will be provided at an additional fee DKK 20,- for runners without own SI-card. A not returned SI-card must be replaced by DKK 500.

SI-cards may only be used on one leg in the competition.


Gribskov Mårum 1:7.500 and 1:10.000

New map from 2019, contour interval 2,5 m.
The map is printed and sealed in a plastic bag. The map is checked by a mapping advisor and meet the quality assurance standard.

A special symbol О which is a campfire is used on the Map.

Due to logging, there are several larger temporary timber piles alongside large forest roads. These are marked with a purple colored line on the map.

Terrain Description Race Area

The terrain consists predominantly of mixed open deciduous forest with lots of pine forest. Runnability is good and there is an extensive trail system. After a hot and rainy summer, ferns and other undergrowth stand close, but are marked on the map.

Forced Passages

On some of the courses, a railway must be passed in two forced passages. The forced passages are marked on the maps. Please follow the signs and instructions from the personnel at the forced passages.

Youth classes up to the age of 16 do not pass the railway.

On the courses: W12, M12, W/M max -43, Open 5 and Open 6 there has been established a forced passage between two controls. The passage is taped with white colored markings in the forest and shown in the control definitions.

Two parts of a minor trail in the same classes has also been marked with white colored markings to show where the trail is found due to the growth of ferns and undergrowth.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions are printed on the front of the map – separate control descriptions are not available. In some areas, the controls are placed close to each other. Please check the control numbers.


First relay start is at 13:30. Start time for each of the classes see the table above. Start from the venue area. From the venue area a marked route into the forest must be followed 10 meters to the starting point, which must be passed.

Start for the Open Entry courses will be (put-and-run) and must take place between the hours 14:00 – 15:00 and will be from the venue area.

Pre-warning and forced crossing of venue area

There is no pre-waring, however some of the longer courses have a spectator control at the venue area. The crossing of the venue area is forced and marked both on the map and in the terrain.

For the Classes: W/M12, W/M max-43 (only 2nd leg), W65, M70, M75 and W/M min 185 there are no spectator control.

Changeover and finish procedure

There is a marked route from the last controls to the changeover / finish line. All runners will have to hand over the map to an official before entering the lane towards finish/changeover. After map hand over the lane will split into two lanes.

For runners who will have to do changeover, follow the lane to the right with the sign: SKIFT/CHANGEOVER and punch your SI-card. Then go to the map stands and get the map for the next runner of your team. Check that the map is the correct one: it has got your team number and the number of the next leg. After map hand over go to the SI-card read-out.

It is the competitors’ own responsibility to make sure they take the correct map from the stand. It is also the leaving competitors’ own responsibility to check they have received the correct map. The wrong choice will lead to disqualification.

For runners on the team’s final leg, follow the lane to the left with the sign: MÅL/FINISH and punch your SI-card. Then go to the SI-card read-out.

It is the order of crossing the finish line that determines the order of the teams in the competition.

Please keep the same order at SI-card read-out as when passing the finish line.

Finish is at the venue site.

Non-finishing runners must present themselves at the finish to read-out the SI-card.


App. at 15:30. Final time will be announced by the speaker.

Returning of the maps

Maps from the relay will be handed out after the re-start have taken place

Max. time

4½ hours for relay teams and 2 hours for individual open courses.


There are no refreshment/water points in the terrain. For courses crossing the venue area there will be water placed in the forced crossing lane. Water and lemonade after the finish line.

Bib numbers

All relay runners must wear a visible bib number as shown in the starting list. Bib numbers will be handed out in club bags from the Event Office from 10:30


Runners selected for carrying a TracTrac unit will be on this list
TracTrac vests and units are handed out at the Event office and collected again after finishing.


No. 1 in classes D21 and H21 receives the Danish Sports Federation’s (DIF) championship medal. No. 2 and 3 in the D21 and H21 receive Danish Orienteering Federation (DOF) championship medal in silver and bronze respectively.

No. 1, 2 and 3 in other championship classes receive DOF’s championship medal in gold, silver and bronze respectively.

Medals are awarded to participants who have completed, regardless of the number of registered participants in the individual classes.
Medals are only awarded to persons who, on the day of the event, are members of a club under the union and who are a Danish citizen or on the day of registration are registered with the population register in Denmark. For relay teams, all participants on the team must meet this requirement.

There will be no prizes for the open relay class and open classes.

The prize-giving ceremony takes place in the finish area of venue area.


FIF Hillerød Orientering has applied for and has been granted an exemption from DOF’s Rule 2.8 (Forest closure) applicable to members of the event organization.


Judge/ head of jury: Bo Konring, Søllerød OK

Members of the Jury:
Nord: Troels Nielsen, Horsens OK
Syd:  Søren Maarup, Kolding OK
Øst:  Charlotte Bergmann, Allerød OK

The jury is contacted via the event office


Any complaints / protests must be submitted in writing to the event office, which will contact the Event Manager. The Event Manager conducts a party hearing and announces his decision in writing.

Complaints must be filed as early as possible and no later than 30 minutes after max. time for the last starting in the competition.

Protests against the Event Manager´s decision or against errors in the event must be submitted in writing to the jury chairman.

Event Manager

John Søndergård, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Hjortespringet 1, 3400 Hillerød
+45 4188 9504 / john.sondergard@gmail.com


Lars Simonsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering


IOF Event Advisor,
Bo Konring, Søllerød OK

Planner Controller
Gert Nielsen, Allerød OK

Map drawer

Bo Simonsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering

DOF Sponsors

FIF Sponsors