June 5, 2017 – Long (Bulletin 1)

Organizer FIF Hillerød Orientering (http://www.fiforientering.dk)
Contact and information Henrik Poulsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
+45 40 76 90 97 / pinse2017@fiforientering.dk
Competition and classification FIF Whitsun Weekend – Long (Elite Junior test run and SM Long). Classification A****

 10th part of Trimtex Senior Cup
 10th part of Løberen Junior League

8th part of Ungdoms Cup

Date Monday, 5. June 2017
Area Gribskov Mårum and Søskoven 1)

1) Only classes < H/D35 will have controls in Søskoven, as this forest is embargoed for participants of the WMOC 2018 finale, 13. July 2018. Open Entry courses do not have controls in Søskoven.
Meeting point Directions from Mårum Station, Frederiksværksvej 145, 3230 Græsted
GPS: 56.030837, 12.316736
Map Gribskov Mårum and Søskoven

Classes H/D20 and M/W21 use 1:15.000
Classes >= H/D60 use 1:7.500
Other classes use 1:10.000

Equidistance is 2,5m for all classes

The map has been awarded the quality stamp of DOF in 2015 and has been revised in 2017 for this competition.

Maps for the Junior elite test run and the elite classes (WRE) will be offset printed. Maps for other classes in high quality laser print. Alle maps are in sealed plastic bags.

Terrain The terrain consists predominantly of mixed open deciduous forest with lots of pine forest.

Runnability is good and there is an extensive trail system.

Steep slopes at Lake Esrum and significant hills in Gribskov Mårum and flatter areas both west of the terrain in Mårum and in the east in Søskoven.

Classes Course lengths follow § and § 4.2.1 of the Rules and Regulations of DOF 2017

Final course lengths and number of controls will be published in the instruction bulletin.

Following classes are offered for Elite Junior (test run) and Elite Senior.

DOF will seed the start lists of classes D18, D20, H18, H20, D21 and H21.

Please note that D18 and H18 share course with D20 and H20 respectively, allowing both Test run and SM to use the same results. This means entries of the classes are combined before planning the start list, and the age of the runner decides the class for the SM competition.

Class Difficulty Winning time Start SM Comment
D16 Black-Difficult 40 1 Yes Test run
D18+20 Black-Difficult 55 1 Yes Test run
D21 Black-Difficult 70 2 Yes
H16 Black-Difficult 45 1 Yes Test run
H18+20 Black-Difficult 70 1 Yes Test run
H21 Black-Difficult 90 2 Yes

Following classes are neither Elite Junior nor Elite Senior classes and therefore do not belong to Test run.

Class Difficulty Winning time Start SM Comment
Børnebane Light green-Children’s course No Taped
Begynder Green-Beginner 2 No Shadow allowed
D10 Green-Beginner 20 2 Yes  
D12 White-Easy 25 2 Yes  
D12B Green-Beginner  20 2 No
D14 Yellow-Medium 35 2 Yes  
D14B White-Easy 25 2 No
D16AK Black-Difficult 30 2 No
D16B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
D20AK Black-Difficult 30 2 No
D20B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
D20C White-Easy 25 2 No
D21AK Black-Difficult 30 2 No
D21B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
D21C White-Easy 25 2 No
D35 Black-Difficult 55 2 Yes
D35B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
D40 Black-Difficult 50 2 Yes
D45 Black-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D50 Black-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D55 Black-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D60 Black-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D65 Black-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D70 Blue-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D75 Blue-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D80 Blue-Difficult 45 2 Yes
D85 Blue-Difficult 45 2 Yes
H/D90 Blue-Difficult 45 2 Yes
H10 Green-Beginner 20 2 Yes  
H12 White-Easy 25 2 Yes  
H12B Green-Beginner 20 2 No
H14 Yellow-Medium 35 2 Yes  
H14B White-Easy 25 2 No
H16AK Black-Difficult 35 2 No
H16B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
H20AM Black-Difficult 45 2 No
H20B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
H20C White-Easy  25 2 No
H21AM Black-Difficult 45 2 No
H21AK Black-Difficult  30 2 No
H21B Yellow-Medium 35  2 No
H21C White-Easy 25 2 No
H35 Black-Difficult 70 2 yes
H35B Yellow-Medium 35 2 No
H40 Black-Difficult 65 2 Yes
H45 Black-Difficult 60 2 Yes
H45AK Black-Difficult 30 2 No
H50 Black-Difficult 55 2 Yes
H55 Black-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H55AK Black-Difficult 30 2 No
H60 Black-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H65 Black-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H70 Blue-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H75 Blue-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H80 Blue-Difficult 50 2 Yes
H85 Blue-Difficult 50 2 Yes

The following courses are offered for Open Entry. You can enter through the ordinary entry or buy a course at the venue from 9:00 on 5 June 2017 2).

Course Difficulty Winning time Start SM Comment
Åben1 Black-Difficult 60 2 No
Åben2 Black-Difficult 45 2 No
Åben3 Blue-Difficult 30 2 No
Åben4 Yellow-Medium 35 2 No  
Åben5 White-Easy 25 2 No  
Åben6 Green-Beginner 20 2 No  

2) An additional fee of DKK 10,- will be added to the price when purchased on the day. Please be aware that only a limited amount of entries will be available on the day of the venue.

Prizes Find an overview of prizes for the three days here.
Punching The competitions will use SportIdent.
Runners using own SI-card must provide the card number at time of entry.
A rental SI-card will be provided at an additional fee DKK 15,- for runners without own SI-card.
Rental SI-cards are given at the start and must be returned at the finish.
Start Individual start, minimum 2 minutes interval.
First start at 10.00, except H/D21 which start at 9.30
Free start (put-and-run) for classes Begynder and H/D10
Quarantine Runners of classes H16, D16, H18+20, D18+20 must leave the venue area before time of first start at 10.00 for the quarantine area at Start 1.

Changing clothes and equipments will be transports to the venue area.

The quarantine area and Start 1 area approx. 6 km from the venue area. Transport is arranged as follows:
Walk 1.300m from the venue are to Mårum st., shuttle cars will take you the rest of the way (approx 10 min by car).

NB: Make sure to be early at Mårum st., to allow for a little waiting time for the shuttle cars.

Distances Parking -> Venue area 800m (follow blue/white tapes)
Venue area -> Start 1, seesection on quarantine
Venue area -> Start 2  – 1.800m
Finish is at the venue area
Cihldren’s course A taped children’s course is offered.
The course is free of charge and all children completing the corse will get a small prize.
Service Toilet at the venue area and at Start 1 and Start 2
Well-stocked kiosk.
No bathing facilities.
No childcare.
Accommodation Have a look at this page.
Entry Check out details and prices on the entry page.
Visa Check out the rules for visa here.
Event Director Henrik Poulsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Course planner Lars Simonsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Event control Torben Kristensen, Herlufsholm OK
Course control Erik Sørensen, Allerød OK
Judge/Jury TBD

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