June 3, 2017 – Sprint (Bulletin 2)

Organiser FIF Hillerød Orientering (http://www.fiforientering.dk)
Contact and information Henrik Poulsen, FIF Hillerød Orientering
+45 40 76 90 97 / pinse2017@fiforientering.dk
Competition and classification FIF Whitsun Weekend  – Sprint (WRE and Danish Elite Junior test race). Classification A****

 8th part of  Trimtex Senior Cup
 8th part of Løberen Junior League

Date Saturday, 3 June 2017
Area Hillerød Øst
Meeting point Directions from intersection Københavnsvej/Tamsborgvej, 3400 Hillerød
GPS: 55.931688, 12.316099 – 800m to parking
Overview of venue

Check out the items of out well-assorted kiosk.

No shower, childcare or children’s course.

Distances Parking -> Venue,  700m (follow blue/white taped markings)
Venue -> Start, 1.200m (follow black “Adidas” taped markings)
Finish is at the venue site
Classes Course lengths follow  § of the Rules and Regulations of DOF 2017

Classes W20 and M20 of the Junior Elite (Test run) will share courses with the corresponding Elite Senior (WRE) classes W21 and M21.

DOF will seed the start lists of classes W20, M20, W21, and M21..

Class Difficulty Length Controls Water
D16 Black–Difficult 3.445m 21 0
W20 Black–Difficult 3.850m 24 0
W21 Black–Difficult 3.850m 24 0
H16 Black–Difficult 3.635m 25 0
M20 Black–Difficult 4.150m 25 0
M21 Black–Difficult 4.150m 25 0

Length for classes D16, W20, W21, H16, M20 and M21 indicate shortest optimum route.
For all other classes, length is of the course on the map.
Control descriptions will show the length of the course on the map for ALL classes.

W20, W21 have elevation of 25m and M20, M21 have elevation of 50m.

The following classes are not part of Elite Junior or Elite Senior classes and are therefore neither part of the test race nor the WRE competition.

Class Difficulty Length Controls Water
Begynder Green-Beginner 1.870m 19 0
D10 Green-Beginner 1.870m 19 0
D12 White–Easy 2.470m 20 0
D14 Yellow–Medium 2.530m 23 0
D15-20 Black–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
D35 Black–Difficult 2.130m 21 0
D40 Black–Difficult 2.250m 20 0
D45 Black–Difficult 2.250m 20 0
D50 Black–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
D55 Black–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
D60 Black–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
D65 Black–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
D70 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
D75 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
D80 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
D85 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
H/D90 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
H10 Green-Beginner 1.870m 19 0
H12 White–Easy 2.470m 20 0
H14 Yellow–Medium 2.530m 23 0
H15-20 Black–Difficult 2.250m 20 0
H35 Black–Difficult 2.520m 25 0
H40 Black–Difficult 2.520m 25 0
H45 Black–Difficult 2.520m 25 0
H50 Black–Difficult 2.130m 21 0
H55 Black–Difficult 2.130m 21 0
H60 Black–Difficult 2.250m 20 0
H65 Black–Difficult 2.250m 20 0
H70 Blue–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
H75 Blue–Difficult 2.080m 20 0
H80 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0
H85 Blue–Difficult 1.940m 17 0

Following courses are offered for Open Entry. It is possible to purchase these at the Venue from 13.30.

Course Difficulty Length Controls Water
Åben1 Black-Difficult  2.570m 24 0
Åben2 Yellow–Medium  2.530m 23 0
Åben3 Wihte-Easy  2.470m 20 0

An additional fee of DKK 10,- will be added to the price when purchased on the day. Please be aware that only a limited amount of entries will be available on the day of the race

SportIdent cards are available for rent at DKK 15,- per race.

Direct courses can start from 15.15.

Punching system The competitions will use SportIdent.

It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure punching of a control is done correctly. The SportIdent unit at the control emits a beep at correct punching. If in doubt use the manual pin puncher on the control with the available fields on the map marked R1-R3.

Rental SI-cards are given at the start and must be returned at the finish.

The control number is placed on the control post as well as horizontally on the SportIdent unit.

Map Fredskovhellet 1:4.000, 2,5m equidistance
The map is new from 2017 and is awarded the quality stamp of DOF 2017.04.
Terrain The sprint terrain is mostly built up area with apartment blocks surrounded by grass covered areas and with an extensive web of tiled or paved paths. The area is relatively flat and has a number of impassable hedges. Towards north-east is an open area with high grass and shrubs with thorns; only the longest courses will use this area.
Road passage All courses will cross at least one road (only small traffic). Manned crossings exist, primarily relevant for the Green-Beginner, White-Easy and Yellow-Medium courses. It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure safe passage, keeping an eye on other traffic and abide by traffic rules.
Prohibited areas Prohibited areas are marked with violet shavings on the map.

Renovation works are taking place at the venue site. Construction materials are placed behind fences in two parking lots and a number of construction sites exist. Red/white taped markings are used to mark these prohibited areas.

 Example of a prohibited area.

It is prohibited to cross the red/white tapes as it is prohibited to reach across the tapes, hedges, beds etc in reach of the controls.

Spectator control Classes D16, W20, W21, D35, H16, M20, M21, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55 and Åben 1, all pass a spectator control.
Spiked shoes It is prohibibted to use shoes with metal spikes or stubs.
Control descriptions Control descriptions are printed on the front of the map – 6 mm in size.

Loose control descriptions are available in start box 2, if the runner uses a suitable contrainer. Loose control descriptions are 6 mm square. Total size of the description is:
W20, W21 : 180 mm * 48 mm
M20, M21 : 174 mm * 48 mm

Quarantine for classes
D16, W20, W21, H16, M20, M21
Runners in classes D16, W20, W21, H16, M20, M21 must go directly to the quarantine area before start and are not to allowed at the venue site until after they have run.

Runners will be registered by the entry to the quarantine area and MUST be there no later than at 14.00.

Use of mobile phnes, computers etc are not allowed in the quarantine area. Officials will assist should a need arise for contacting someone outside the area.

When leaving the quarantine area, the runner will follow tapes markings directly to start (see section on distances) .

There will be toilets at the quarantine area.

Bip numbers Runners in classes D16, W20, W21, H16, M20, M21 must use bip-number. These are available at the start.
Tracking Runners picked for carrying a TracTrac unit will be on this list.

Vests for TracTrac units are available in the quarantine area. The TracTrac unit is handed out at the start.

Start First start at 14.00

Runners are called out 4 min before start time.

Start box 1: Control of the runner: correct SportIdent  card, rental cards are handed out, runner records presence by punching a SportIdent unit.
Start box 2: It is possible to view a sample map (without courses). Runner may pick a loose control definition if a suitable container is used.
Start box 3: It is possible to view a sample map (without courses). Runners in Green-Beginner, White-Easy courses may take their map. Officials can assist at the start.
Start box 4: The runner locates the box with the appropriate map. The time of start is marked by sound (4 short and 1 long beeep), the runner may take the map from the box at the long beep.

The starting point of the course is at the end of start box 4 and is marked with a control (not to be punched).

Runners of classes D10 and H10 have put-and-run, They must punch the START control when leaving start box 4. This is also the case for runners of Open Entry courses.

Late starters must present themselves to the officials at the start and the will be assisted through the start boxes. In case of an organizer error, a new start time may be assigned, otherwise running time is calculated from the official start time.

There will be toilets at the start.

Finish Finish is at the venue site.

Runners must punch the control at the finish line and continue to the read-out of the SportIdent card.

Rented SportIdent cards are returned after read-out.

Maps are collected after the finish and will be handed out after the final runner has started.

Max. time for all classes is 50 min.

Water and limonade is available after the finish.

Non-finishing runners must present themselves at the finish to read-out the SportIdent card.

Clothing The is no transport of clothing from start.

Runners in quarantine can leave bags and clothing in a tent (monitored) and pick it up later after their race.

Prizes An overview of pizes can be found here.

Prize ceremony is expected at 16:30

Rules Respect the neighbours living in the race area and show consideration when moving around and when meeting people in the area.
Dispensations No dispensations have been made for this race.
Complaints Complaints are given orally or in writing to the organiser, via the race information at the venue. Complaints must be handed in as early as possible and no later than 30 minutes after max. time of the last starting runner in the race.
Jury chairman Torben Kristensen, Herlufsholm OK
Jury members Per Eg Pedersen, Kolding OK
Anker Møller, Silkeborg OK
Max Prang, Fredensborg OK

The jury will be present at the venue and can be contacted via the race information at the venue.

Event organisation Organisers: Lars Konradsen (40 28 45 17) and Søren Wassard, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Course planners: Mads K. Larsen and Ulrik Staugaard, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Maps: Mads K. Larsen and Ulrik Staugaard, FIF Hillerød Orientering
Event control and IOF Event Adviser: Torben Kristensen, Herlufsholm OK
Course control: Helge Lang Pedersen, Farum OK


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